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Reason behind the Black lines on HP PRINTERS

Hp printers have turned out into a must need for today’s professional chores. Anticipation is always there to gratify both quantity and quality terms for printing the documents. These electronic devices are vulnerable to errors and troubles, and we should deal with those issues with easy yet effective solutions. One of such issues, which the users are facing, is the ‘Black lines on HP printers’. You can do some steps on your own and able to solve this issue. Read further to know the reason behind the black lines on HP Printers.

Clean the scanner glass

The multi-featured printer has several functions and it has the lid to open. Sometimes, dirt in this part will lead you to get the black lines on final print outputs. So, make sure to clean with glass cleaner or any other soft cloths. After cleaning, properly dry for some time, otherwise, you will get spots in the print output. Regularly do this process to avoid the lines due to dirt and debris

Printer cartridge

Installing the cartridge is a very significant step in the printer setup process. Improper installation of cartridge always leads to these kinds of issues. So, if you are facing the black lines, check your cartridge, correct if any errors are there in the hardware and then test for another print. If you are still getting the black lines, try to replace the used cartridge by another full cartridge

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Same as other electronic devices, this step is also a need one to solve this black lines issue. Remove the power cord wire from the printer port and power outlet and wait for 15 to 30 seconds. Now again reconnect all the wired connections and check your printer is working fine or not.